Photo Session FAQs

Photo shoots can be stressful. Hopefully these tidbits will help ease your nerves...


Let's address the elephant in the room... What are your COVID protocols?

Coronavirus has affected the photography industry in a unique way, especially taking a toll on wedding photographers. I am fully vaccinated and am currently following the guidance set forth by the CDC: I am no longer wearing a mask to outdoor photo shoots, but am masking up for indoor sessions unless families are comfortable with me being without. When it comes to newborn sessions specifically, each family and I will weigh the pros and cons of proceeding with an indoor session or opting for a shoot outdoors. I stay up to date on all regulations and will adjust my policies as the state metrics allow. I appreciate the concerns of my clients and am happy to chat further if you have any concerns.

How do I book a shoot?

After looking at your options and deciding on the session that's best for you, you can reach out to me via phone, email or messenger. From there, we'll decided on a date, time and location for your shoot and I will send you a follow up email with details, pricing and all the legal jargon. 

How do I pay for my photo session?

I currently accept cash, check or Venmo. Once I send you a confirmation email, you're welcome to pay ahead or bring payment on the day of our session. I do not currently require deposits for sessions other than weddings.

Where will we take photos and how long is a session?

Where we take photos will be up to us! I have plenty of suggestions if you're unsure of where you'd like to go. I also love visiting locations that are important to my clients (a special park, the farmer's market, a local coffee shop). As long as we have permission, I'm happy to make those accommodations. If you have your heart set on a destination (the gorge or the coast, for instance), I ask that you schedule well in advance and I do charge a travel fee.

I set aside 1.5 hours for most sessions, but I find they generally take about an hour. I set aside two hours for newborn sessions because babies are unpredicable! Mini sessions (when offered) are just half an hour.

What happens if it rains the day of our session? Or if I need to reschedule? Cancel?

I've spent the better part of ten years rescheduling sessions because of the unpredictable weather here in the PNW, so no need to worry if we have to change our original plan! I generally touch base a day or two before our session and it's at that point we'll take the forecast into account. If you need to reschedule or cancel for personal reasons, I ask that you reach out as soon as possible so I can adjust my schedule and perhaps accommodate another client.

When and how will I receive my photos?

Depending on my workload, I generally send out full galleries two to four weeks after our session. If you need a photo in advance for a card or announcement, I'm happy to send a handful ahead. To build your gallery, I choose the best images from our session and edited them into one cohesive, beautiful collection.
You'll receive your photos through my gallery hosting site Pixieset. There, you'll be able to download your gallery in full or one photo at a time. You're also able to make favorite folders and send images to family and friends. In addition, I'll send you a mobile app so you can access your photos from your phone's home screen!

Do you offer packages or gift certificates?

The simple answer is, yes! I generally offer a discount if you book both maternity and newborn sessions. I've also made arrangements for "first year" packages when I take photos every three months of a baby's first year. And gift certificates for all sessions (other than weddings) are always available for purchase!

If I am interested in maternity photos, when is the best time to take them?

My general rule of thumb is to take maternity photos between 30-35 weeks. That way you have a nice round belly but aren't too uncomfortable!

When is the best time to take newborn photos and how should I prepare?

I've found the first two to four weeks are best for newborn sessions. It gives you some time to get settled at home but also takes advantage of your little one's sleepy weeks. To prepare, please tidy up any areas of your home we'll be taking photos (a light-filled living area, the master bedroom and the nursery) and set aside any swaddles, accessories or outfits you'd like baby photographed in. I also suggest neutral outfits for the rest of the family.

How should my family dress for our photo session?

First and foremost, wear what makes you comfortable! The better you feel, the better you'll look in photos, I promise. When it comes to your family's outfits as a whole, always coordinate instead of match: I love blues, blushes and neutrals.